Dark Saber


5a: Quick stab.
5b: Thrust.
5c: Stab.

2a: Quick low.
2b: Quick spin low.
2c: Low slash, grounds.

j.a: Slash.
j.b: Upward swing.
j.c: Downwards sword spike, doesn't combo from air combos.

6b: Looks similar to 2b, combo filler.
6c: Launcher. Has superarmor. Jump cancellable on hit.


236a/b/c: Dark Saber slashes and creates a projectile.

  • a version: 1 slash, creates 1 hit projectile.
  • b version: 2 slashes, creates 3 hit projectile.
  • c version: Slashes into the air and creates a 3 hit wave coming up.

623a/b/c: Launcher overhead slash move.

  • a version: Launches, jump cancelable.
  • b version: Dark Saber does a jumping overhead slash, cannot jump cancel.
  • c version: Dark Saber does a jump slash all the way up to the top of the screen.


  • a version: Dark Saber stays in front of the opponent.
  • b version: Dark Saber moves behind the opponent.
  • c version: On hit, Dark Saber does an additional throw.

421a/b/c: Dark hand grab, button determines direction: forward, air, low. Possible to combo after the C version.
Air 236a/b/c: Dark Saber slashes down, can bounce. C version has to be blocked high then low.

Full mana activate ability

Dark Saber's damage increases.


236236a: Dark Excalibur. 2500 Damage
236236b: Giant dark slash, can be used repeatedly. Relaunches and is always unscaled. 1000 Damage

Grail Super

236236c: Darkness assault into Dark Excalibur.


- 2b > 5b > 6b > 5c (< 2c) > 623a > j.a > j.b > j.236c
Basic combo.

- 2b > 5b > 6b > 5c > 623a > (j.2369a > land > 623a) > j.b > j.236a > land > 623a > j.a > j.b > j.236c > 623a > 2147a
Better basic combo

- 2b > 5b > 6b > 5c > 623a > (j.2369a > land > 623a) > j.b > j.236a > land > 623a > j.a > j.b > j.236c > land > 623a > 2147a > activate > [midscreen 236b > 236236a] or [edge (236236b x0~2 >) 236b > 236236a]
Unscaled Dark Excalibur super combo. Slightly delay doing the super cancel until Dark Saber does the second slash so the fireball totally forms and causes unscalling. 6-7k+ damage.

- 2b > 5b > 6b > 5c > 623a > (j.2369a > land > 623a) > j.b > j.236a > land > 623a > j.a > j.b > j.236c > 623a > 2147a > activate > [edge of screen 236236b > 236236b >] > 236b > 236236c
Grail combo. Now generalized to work anywhere! You must do 236b > 236236c as super cancel almost immediately. 8k-9k+ damage

- throw > (if midscreen, run up a little bit) 623a > (j.2369a > 623a) > j.b > j.236c > (623a > 2147a > activate [midscreen 236b > 236236a] or [edge (236236b x0~2 >) 236b > 236236a])
Throw combo. It's pretty much every other combo except without any ground normals to start.
- 421c > 6c > combo
You can combo off 421c. Only 6c will launch after it.

- j.236a > j.c > 5b > 2b > 6b > 5c > 236b > (RC) > 5b > 2b > 6b > 5c > 623a > 236236b > tk j.236b > 623a > tk j.236b > 236c > 623a > 236c > 623a > 2362369b > 236c > 623a > (Activate) > 623a > 2362369b > 236236b > 236c > 623a > 214c
COOL COMBO VIDEO COMBO BRO. 10k, instant kill (Except on dark saber and berserker)

You can add 5b > 2b > 6b > 236b > RG at the start of any combo

If you do the TK j.2369a to start the combo, the next bounce must be done as j.b > j.236a only. If you skip the TK, then you must do j.a > j.b > j.236a

Keep in mind that you can skip doing certain moves and still make the combo work. For example, after j.236c you can: j.236c > activate or j.236c > 623a > activate or j.236c > 623a > 2137a > activate and the rest of the combo will still work


- Using 214b > RC and changing when you do the RC can lead to ambiguous crossups because you can appear on either side.

- 421c is slow but unblockable. If you get them scared into blocking a lot you can use it without having to get into throw range. Combo afterwards with 623a.

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