Gate of Babylon mode

5A: Kick to the shins. Standard poke. Combos into 2A, but not any other normals.
5B: Stabs with a lance. Babylon mode's fastest comboable attack. Decent range, lots of hitstun.
5C: Horizontal swing with Harpe. The first swipe swings out, and pushes the opponent away. Will scoop grounded opponents from the floor. Pressing C again will drag them back in. This can only be validly comboed from an OTG or RC.

2A: Even more standard poke. Essentially the same as 5A. Doesn't combo into anything.
2B: Diagonal slash with Dainslef. Sweep. Best used after 5B.
2C: Launcher. Swings the opponent into the air with Harpe. Pressing C again will drag them back down to OTG status. Jump cancelable.

jA: Weak air kick that aims down. Fairly fast, not comboable.
jB: Stabs downward with a Lance. Has more vertical range, surprisingly fast, practically no horizontal presence though.
jC: Slashes upward from behind him with Harpe. Very slow, but incredible range and priority. Can be used to crossup. Cancels into j.236.

Ea mode

5A: Same as Babylon, but comboable.
5B: Horizontal slash. Bad range, don't use it for anything other than combos.
5C: Vertical swipe. Fairly slow.

2A: Same as Babylon, but comboable.
2B: Low to high slash. Moves forward a significant amount.
2C: Reverse thrust. Sweeps, but is inferior to 236B for combo sweeping.

jA: Weak air kick with slightly more horizontal range. Cancelable into any other air.
jB: Another bad range, horizontal slash. Will piss you off due to how picky it is about it connecting in air combos. Cancelable into JC.
JC: Gilgamesh shows off his acrobatic skills by flipping his body forward down and stabbing downwards. Very fast, good range, jump cancelable.

6C: Gil charges forward and does an uppercut with Ea. Launcher. Jump


Ea mode

236A/B/C: Stationary sword swipes. Treated as projectiles, do nice chip damage. Can chain 236B/C after 236A, B hits low, C hits high.
623A/B/C: Gil charges forward and slashes. Can charge, but not jump cancel A, can jump cancel B. C requires meter and reduces the opponent's mana.

Gate of Babylon mode

236A/B/C: Shoots weapons from the gate. A aims high, B aims horizontally, C is is downwards. C version has a spread when it hits the ground, making it hit sidesteppers at long range.
623A/B/C: Stores a chain from the Gate. Will only connect at close range. A shoots the chain upwards, B shoots it horizontally. C version requires meter and shoots many chains in front of Gilgamesh. You can hold the button to delay the chains, and pressing another button and holding that instead will free up the the previous one.

Any mode

214A/B/C: Chain attacks. A is low long range sweep, B is vertical slam (anti-air), C is a horizontal projectile. After the C version, input 64C to pull the opponent towards you.
22C: Change from Ea to Babylon and vice-versa


Ea mode

236236A: Enuma Elish

Gate of Babylon mode

236236B: (Can be done in the air) = Gate of Babylon

Full mana activate ability

In any mode, Gil can summon swords straight down using 22D. These swords can be charged as long as you wish to increase the damage, the amount, and the range.

Grail Super

236236C > 63214C > 5A > 5B > 5C > 5A > 5B > 5C > 236236C: After shooting a chain and dragging the opponent towards him, Gil assaults the opponent with various weapons from GoB, then binds the opponent with chains and finishes with a Gate of Babylon super (vs. Berserker, Lancer, and himself, Gilgamesh uses Enuma Elish instead)


With Ea

- 5A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 236A > 236B > 2B > 2C > 6C > [jA jB jC ] or [2147C]
- 5A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 236A > 236B > 2B > 2C > 6C > 6239B > [JA JB JC] or [2147C]
- 5A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 236A > 236B > 2B > 2C > 6C > 6239A > 5B > 2B > 2C > 6C > 623B > 2147C


- 5B > 2B > 2CC > 5B > 2B > 2C > 236B or 236236B or [j.C > 236B (> activate > 236236b)]

Change combos

- 5A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 236A > 236B(1hit) > 22C > 5B > 2B > 2CC > 5B > 2B > 2C > 236B or 236236B or [j.c > 236b (> activate > 236b > 236236b)]
Ea into Babylon.

- 5A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 236A > 236B(1hit) > 22C > 5B > 2B > 2CC > 5B > 2B > 2C > 22C > 5B > 2B > 2C > 6C > 236236A or 2147A
Ea > Babylon > Ea.

- 5B > 2B > 2C C > 5B > 2B > 2C > 22C > 5B > 2B > 2C > 6C > 6239B > 22C > 2C C > RG > 5B > 2B > 2C C > RG > 5B > 2B > 2C > 236B > 236236B > 2C > 236B > 236236B
Babylon > Ea > Babylon with super finish.

623c > 22c > 623b > 5cc >5cc > 5b > 2b > 2c > j.c > 236a release > [623b 2c 236a release]xN
Infinite. Can be started from midscreen, but you need to be close to the wall for the infinite part. If you have chains stored, you can start straight from 2c.

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