Luviagelita Edelfelt


5a: Slap. Hits mid.
5b: Backhand slap. Hits mid.
5c: Gand shot at 45º. Hits low/mid.

2a: Leg kick. Hits low.
2b: Low horizontal sweep. Hits low.
2c: Spinning double leg sweep. Hits low.

j.a: Horizontal slap
j.b: Knee in midair
j.c: Luvia extends her arms and falls on the opponent. Must hit from above.

6b: Luvia takes a small leap forward and delivers a haymaker punch.


236a/b/c: Luvia fires some gandr shots.

  • a version = 3 shots horizontally
  • b version = 3 shots diagonally up
  • c version = powered up horizontal shot

j.236a/b/c: Luvia fires gandr in the air.

  • a version = 3 shots horizontally
  • b version = 3 shots diagonally down
  • c version = powered up diagonal shot

623a/b/c: Luvia does a jewel empowered upward palm strike.

  • a version = Wind
  • b version = Fire. Launcher
  • c version = Ice. Invincible. Costs meter. Launcher.
    • Follow-up:
      • 46a: Luvia backhands with wind
      • 46b: Luvia crouches and gives a low swipe with fire.
      • 46c: Luvia jumps and overhead swings with ice. Bouncer.
        • Follow-up:
          • 63214a: Upward swing with wind. Launcher.
          • 63214b: Upward swing with fire. Jump cancelable. Launcher.
          • 63214c: Upward swing with ice. Launcher.

421a/b/c: Luvia jumps and swings with a jewel in hand.

  • a version = Wind. Launches airborne opponents. Jump cancellable on air hit.
  • b version = Fire. Launcher
  • c version = Ice. Opponent is frozen and falls to ground.

22c: Luvia enters throwing stance.

  • Follow-up:
    • a: Luvia switches behind the opponent.
    • b: Low grab. Must be blocked low.
    • c: High grab. Must be blocked high. Can catch airborne opponents.
    • d: Luvia leaves throwing stance.
      • Follow-up (after b/c versions only):
        • 4646…: Slap throw. More presses increases the number of hits. Possible to combo afterwards.
        • b(x8): Gandr shot to the face. Possible to combo afterwards.
        • c > b > a > b > c > a+b+c: Multi-jewel smash.

360+a/b/c: Command throw. Damage, range, and startup depends on the button pressed. Possible to combo after the C version.


236236a: Gandr super - Luvia shoots 20 gandr shots for a total of 2000 dmg.
j.236236a: Luvia shoots 20 gandr shots diagonally. 2000 dmg

236236b: Izuna Drop super. 2400 dmg.

Full mana activate ability

For the duration of the activation, Luvia cannot be thrown. This doesn't make her immune to command throws.

Grail Super

236236c: Luvia freezes the opponent with jewels, then dances around them hitting them with wind jewels, launching them into the air where she jumps and sits on them as they land in fire jewels. 4000 dmg.


- 2a > 5b > 6c > 2c > 623a > 228c->c->b(x8) or 4646~ > [5c > 2c > 623a > 228c->c->b(x8) or 4646~ ]xN
Throw combo. Reset height with 623c > RC instead of 623a or activate.

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