Sakura Matou


5a: Short jab with Angra Mainyu.
5b: Sakura extends her tentacles. Hits mid.
5c: Sakura extends more tentacles

2a: Sakura sits and stabs with her tentacles.
2b: Sakura sits and extends her tentacles low. Pulls opponent.
2c: Sakura gets on her hands and knees and sprouts dark spikes. Jump cancelable. Launcher.

j.a: A diagonal stab with tentacles
j.b: Sakura hits with a short, downward wave of tentacles
j.c: Sakura extends her tentacles for a long reach diagonal stab.

6c: Sakura bends over and stabs forward with a forked spear of tentacles.


236a/b/c: Sakura shoots out a wave of darkness on the ground.

  • a version = 1 hit projectile.
  • b version = 3 hit projecile.
  • c version = Cloud that hits low. Launcher. Negative-Edge.

(air) 214a/b/c: "minion" summons, all versions require meter

  • a = tentacles rain down, launches on hit
  • b = tentacles come up
  • c = explodes on ground, stumbles on hit

(air) 623a/b/c: multihit tentacle stab

  • a = low, untechable grounding on hit, air version hits diagonal down
  • b = straight forward stab
  • c = invincible, requires meter

421a/b/c: Sakura uses her tentacles to attack.

  • a version = Rising spear. Jump cancelable. Launcher.
  • b version = Sakura grabs out with whip like strands. Hits mid
  • c version = Sakura sweeps with her tentacles. Hits low.

(air) 22a/b: teleport

(air) 22c: wraps tentacles around herself, blocking projectiles


236236a: Wrapping super - Sakura grabs the opponent and pulls them into the darkness. 2000 dmg. Throw.

236236b: Baloon Super - Sakura makes a large baloon out of Angra Mainyu and it explodes. Up to 2700 dmg.

Full mana activate ability

- successful attacks reduce the opponents mana gauge

Grail Super

236236c: Sakura uses the shadow to bind her opponent


- 5b > 2b > 5c > 2c > 214a > 5b > 2b > 421a > (JC) > j.a > j.b > j.c > j.b > 214a

- 5b > 2b > 5c > 2c > j.a > j.b > j.c > j.b > 214a > j.a > j.b > j.c > j.b > 214a > 5b

- 5b > 2b > 5c > 2c > 421a > 2147a > 421a > 2147a > 421a > 2147a > 421a > 2147a> (RC) > 236236b > 214a > (RC) > 236236b(HIT)

- 5b > 2b > 5c > 214c(a or b) > (RC) > (5b > 2b > 5c > 214c(a or b)xN
+ infinite

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