Secrets & Unlockables

System voices and CGs

Beat a character's arcade mode to unlock their system voice and route CGs. Beat Arcade using random for Ilya's system voice.

Saber Lily

Saber Lily is Saber's 4th costume. Beat Arcade mode with Dark Saber to obtain it.

Gilgamesh's casual clothes

To unlock gil's casual clothes, clear arcade mode with Gilgamesh with Zero Lancer showing up.

Unlocking Characters

Leysritt: Clear arcade mode with one of the characters that have Berserker as the last boss (Caster, Assassin).
Dark Saber: Unlock Leysritt, then clear arcade mode with one of the characters that have Gilgamesh as last boss (Saber, Archer, Berserker).
Zero Lancer: Unlock Dark Saber, then make him show up by getting at least three KOs with supers (if game is set to best of 3) before reaching stage 5. Beat Zero Lancer and continue clearing arcade to unlock him.

BGM Select

Clear all EX missions.

Ultimate difficulty

Get at least 32 wins in endless survival mode.

Survival mode

To unlock survival, beat arcade mode with Bazett, Dark Saber, and Leysritt.

Endless Survival mode

To unlock endless survival, beat standard survival once.


To unlock all the movies, beat arcade mode a total of 17 times.

Concept art

To unlock the concept art, beat arcade with Zero Lancer.


To unlock VS CG, beat standard survival or get at least 16 wins on endless survival with the relevant character to unlock their VS CG.

Material UC

To unlock material UC "Ryuugahei" (Caster's bone servants), clear arcade twice with Caster.
To unlock material UC "Ilya", clear arcade twice with Berserker.

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