Fate/Unlimited Codes

We believe some combos have been lost from the Arcade to PS2 port. If you confirm a combo to be working, please e-mail moc.liamg|ikiwcuf#moc.liamg|ikiwcuf and specify which combo it is.

Wiki now at v1.0

Well, the wiki's basics are currently done. Every character's movelist and combos have been covered (as well as images, that was a pain in the ass to do), some even have mixups listed. The following part is up to you. We need experienced players to add strategies and general gameplay tips for their characters. If you consider yourself experienced enough and/or have some mixups we don't have listed, please create an account on Wikidot and mail us at moc.liamg|ikiwcuf#moc.liamg|ikiwcuf with your account name.

If you have some short update that you doesn't warrant you creating an account (i.e., you're lazy), mail us at the same address. We will implement the changes after we test them ourselves. It may take a while, but we do read every mail.

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