- 2 overlapping life bars (100% each, 200% life total)
- 3 section mana bar (300% total)



A = light
B = medium
C = heavy
D = reflect guard

Universal Controls

- 6AB = throw
- BC or 2BC = sidestep
- Pushblock = 4AB
- Guard Cancel Attack = 6BC
- Activate = ABC, must have at least 100% mana, can activate during a combo to act as a cancel (Offensive Activation)
- Burst = on hit ABC, must have 200% mana

Reflect Guard

- costs 60% to use
- on successful reflect, continue any attack
- RG can also be used as a cancel


There are 2 different activations that happen at different times. Defensive Activation is when you are knocked down or at a Neutral state and you activate. Offensive Activation is when you cancel an attack using activation

Things that apply to both defensive and offensive activations:

  • Mana Drains slowly
  • Many Special attacks can be cancelled into Supers
  • Reflect guards do not cost Mana
  • Most characters have special abilities that come into effect when you activate at 300% (MAX) Mana. For example Caster at full Mana activation removes most cooldowns on her attacks
  • 2C can be TK canceled into itself repeatedly with all characters by using 28C

Defensive Activation Specific things

  • On activation, knocks the enemy back if they are not already blocking when the activation occurs
  • Health Regenerates

Offensive Activation Specific things

  • You don't knock the enemy away, which is good for comboes.

Grail Supers

- holy grail must be filled by characters taking damage
- person must reach grail max by being the person to fill the grail
- activating at 300% will claim the holy grail allowing access to grail super
- grail resets between rounds

Estimated HP Totals

Ordered from highest HP to lowest

  1. 11500: Saber Alter / Berserker
  2. 11000: Kirei
  3. 10500: Saber
  4. 10000: Archer / Shirou / Bazett
  5. 9924: Mean calculated Average HP level
  6. 9800: Rin / Luvia
  7. 9500: Lancer / Gilgamesh / Rider / Assassin
  8. 9300: Caster / Zero Lancer
  9. 9000: Sakura / Leysritt
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